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    Slightly Worried about my 951 in '99 XPL

    Hi All,

    Im slightly worried about something thats just happened to my XPL. Got home this morning from 2 week holiday at beach house and ski was awesome fun ran pretty much perfect.

    When I was putting it away then thought I should clean/empty the water fuel separator as I hadn't the entire trip. Pulled it out and yep fair bit of water in it. Threw it back in and fired it up to fill the seperator up with fuel again before storage and it ran like it usualy does off the water (3,000rpm) for a few seconds then cut out. Started it again and its idling at 1,100rpm very rough. Im concerned it leaned out and may have toasted one of my pistons. What do you think?

    Took both plugs out and but my thumb over the top of each hole and feels like the rearward hole (is this pto or mag cyclinder?) doesn't pack quiet as much punch as the front cylinder, but cant really tell without a comp tester (borrowing one in a day or two).

    What are your thoughts?

    here are a few pics from some of the outings we had. This is my first ski and have had it less than a year and am stoked with the sport

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    Unless the engine was already REALLY hot (like hotter than it is when you pull it out of the water) you would have been hard pressed to sieze it while free-spinning on the tailer, unless it had siezed before and was prone to do so again (as they are).

    Normally the worst thing that happens when you go lean on the trailer is that the RPM will start to rise until either you remember the fuel valve, or shut it off because the RPM is rising at idle. This can lead to a lean over run (as 951s can be prone to, especially with stock carbs).

    With all of that said, what you describe does not sound too good. The next thing to do is a compression check. Something happened, but it may not be as bad as it seems.

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    Thanks for the reply Krunch! Will post up what I find with compression test in the next few days. Should I just start it and let it idle for a bit on hose to see if it sorts itself out?

    Before I emptied the separator I had just replaced one of the seat pivots that was extremely worn and popping out all the time to then make another problem

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    Take the comp test cold.

    Do not run it until you have the comp numbers.

    Safer that way.

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    where are you located? That is some mad air! Great pics too.

    Sorry no help with the problem yet...

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    check the o-ring on your water seperator. it can get pinched when reinstalling and cause these problems.

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    As I thought...... :-(

    Well as they say pictures tell 1000 words:

    The rear cylinder is called PTO yes?

    What shall I do, where to from here? I've done two top end rebuilds on watercooled mottorcross bikes before. Seems like it would be much the same but does seem like it would be a real pain to work in that tiny space. Have no specialist tools (eg. enigne alignment tool and cresent wrench for pulling pipe).

    Should I pull the cylinder top cap off and have a peak? Can some one run me though some steps.

    *Prepares to deplete savings account*

    Thanks in advance,

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    Decided to pull the cylinder head off and this is what I found....

    The rear cylinder has beaten itself to death on the cylinder head. Bore doesn't look like its been touched from what I can see and feel (not alot btw)

    Do you think running lean for a few seconds at idle on the trailer after i cleaned the fuel/water seperator could have done this? It was running fine and turning 7,100 rpm two days prior no worries! Was wondering if it was a bit clunkier than usual though when I was idling around in speed restricted areas.

    What do you all think I should do?

    So after dinner went down into the shed once I got over the fact Im going to have to blow a fair bit of coin on it. Decided to feel around for the bolt that apparently makes the exhaust so hard to remove from the manifold... Found it and the bolt was FINGER tight!?!?! So I guess it will come off easily but man! Do you think this could have contributed to my issue at all? I was aware the pipe was in need of a remove and reinstall as one of the grommets looked worn and I was going to do this in the new year as the mechanic was to busy to do it around Christmas time. My fault I rode on it and not what I would call smooth riding :S

    Edit edit:

    Where's Krunch today? :'(

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    You had debris go through the PTO cylinder. That is not a lean seizure. A bearing is failing, or check the reed cage for missing screws.

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    looks like it "ingested" something, through the intake side? broke a ring and ate it?

    post pics after the cylinders are off

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