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    Kawa 900cc carburetor issues

    Hi all,
    Back in July I have bought a jetski having damaged engine, not the original engine though, complete but in pieces. fixed it and restarted last month. Smokes a lot, no high raves power and seems to run rich. Changed sp. plugs ... same issues. Checked return hose while running and noticed very little amount of fuel going back to tank. Its a triple 900cc. Replaced carb with a 1100 cc carb, no more issues.
    Removed 900cc carbs and stripped. Checked the return hole fitting and found that the hole has a plug with a 1mm dia apperture in it. this is in the middle carb, which has no pump on it and receives fuel from the other two "returns". Is that normal? will be ok to drill the hole to 4mm?
    I have tried all sort of air tunning for the 900 carb with no results and soon I have to return the 1100cc carbs to the owner. Can you help please? Could you tell maybe what dia the main jet should be for this carb? Thanks,

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    4mm would drop your fuel pressure too much IMHO.

    sounds more likely that your pumps/carbs need rebuilt

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    I have an extra set of 1100 carbs if you want to buy a set.

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    Start off replacing the fuel filter.. just a GOOD thing to do,
    I would NOT drill the restriction, yes it is fed by the return of the other 2 carbs that have pumps,, You might need to rebuild the pumps, ( they may not be pumping enough to the carbs to show a good return)
    The ZXI 900 I have came to me with a bad motor, Center cylinder toasted piston gone rod bent, When going through the carbs after installing new motor found the oil injection port plugged up in the center carb and the pto carb,,, I was switching to premix anyways, Just something to check if you are running a pump,

    also it may be smokey and rich seeming if you are just running it on a stand,, it really needs to be on the water and run some to get all the residual fuel and oil out of the crankcase.

    I would think the 1100 carbs would seem rich if anything,, pull the covers and see what jets are in them......

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