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    Rip'N Tear's Stage 3+ SHO Build

    Hi Everyone,

    It's a New Year....time for new resolutions, new beginnings, and NEW MODS!!!!!!!! With my desire to run and finish LB2CAT and some other offSHOre endurance races this year, I decided to go BIG on my SHO.
    That being said, this thread will SHOw what it takes to install a Riva Stage 3 kit on a Yamaha FX-SHO....which includes fuel, cooling, pump, and electronics upgrades needed to feed, cool, and protect this beast when she's done and rippin!!!.

    I say Stage 3+ because not only am I installing the Riva Stage 3 kit, I'm also beefing up the shortblock with aftermarket rods, pistons, and head stud kits. Why you ask?

    The Yamaha platform is proving itself to be a very stout platform, even when running the Stage 3 kit and cast internals. Even though some individuals are knocking the cast internals, many people have been pushing the envelope and making 330+ hp at over 8600 RPM. Jerry and JD1 are 2 examples. Deans Team Racing has raced a whole CC season with his FZR's running the Stage 3 kit, sometimes reaching as high as 9000rpm during a pump unhook,,,with no issues!!

    But offSHOre racing is a different animal. And the usually constant, volatile sea-states are extremely punishing on the skis, riders, and engines. Also, when watching the race results of the MH 300, LB2CAT, and other endurance races, I started to get worried by the high attrition rate/DNF's witnessed in the high-hp skis in the open-class races. Considering the sloppy, washing-machine waves that we have to run off the East Coast, it's easy to visualize the beating these engines can take from hooking/unhooking in the chop for long, extended runs.

    These are the factors that I considered as I made my decision to beef-up the shortblock on my SHO, particularly the connecting rods and pistons. I plan on installing all ARP hardware and the RIVA valve train upgrade kit as well for added reliability/longevity. Not to mention an eye-to-the-future when bigger boost wheels come out....
    I will also be making modification to the pump and prop to a more suitable offSHOre set-up, as well as the handle-bars and other assorted offSHOre tweaks. Stay tuned....

    I would definitely like to keep this build thread positive and on-topic. I welcome suggestions and ideas that you guys have for the build, but please keep brand-loyalty arguments and other assorted BS out of the thread.

    Components of the Stage 3 Kit are as follows:

    RIVA Powerfilter & Intake Manifold Kit (279.95+37.95)
    RIVA Pro-Series E1 SC Wheel (599.95)
    RIVA SC Shaft Upgrade (349.95)
    RIVA Pro-Series Powercooler (994.95)
    RIVA/HKS SSQV Blow-off Valve (274.95)
    RIVA Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit (474.95)
    RIVA/VIPEC ECU (2,799.95)
    RIVA Engine Cooling Upgrade Kit (TBA*)
    RIVA FF Exhaust Kit (189.95)
    RIVA Engine Breather Upgrade Kit (47.95)

    Shortblock & Valvetrain Upgrades for OffSHOre

    RIVA Forged Racing Pistons (959.80)
    RIVA/CARRILLO Connecting Rods (1,103.00)
    RIVA Cylinder Head Stud Kit (229.95)
    RIVA Valve Train Upgrade Kit (724.95)
    RIVA Mains Stud Kit (TBA*)

    * = TBA.....New Riva Part...Waiting on Pricing

    Wish me luck guys....the motor comes out Monday!! I took some 'before' pics of the hull, motor, and pump. If they only knew what's about to happen to them.....
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    someone must have been really angry with you when they saran wrapped your ski jk - gl with the build

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    mega stuff going down here

    your sho hull looks ready for action all wrapped in its condom

    this build i cant wait to see. best of luck...not that lucks needed

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    Awesome Chris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JIM'S PERFORMANCE View Post
    Awesome Chris.

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    Are you going to do the engine work yourself or have someone else do it?

    If someone else who? I just have not heard of anyone going into these skis like the SD's as of yet.

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    Sounds awesome Chris. With how much you're beefing of the engine, I can't wait to see how fast it goes when you really push the boost. If at some point an aftermarket supercharger comes out you'll have no problem running it.

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    That skis going to be quite a monster Chris. I look forward to following your build

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    Looks like a fun and exciting project. Look forward to your progress and really want to know how you like the VIPEC system when you are done.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Good luck man!! Can't wait to ride it...

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