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    tools for supercharger changeout?

    i purchased an O7 supercharger (with metal washers)and will change it with my existing one (an O7 RXT 215hp/w/ceramic washers on the slip clutch)....I have a typical selction of tools,but wondering what additional I would require other than E8 torx ,6mm hex,and a 10mm deep?

    and any insight into proper install and post care after the new s/c is installed?


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    you should be good to go if you have the E8 torx and a 1/4" box end wrench + basic tools. i'd put some anti-seize on the metal surfaces around the o-rings near the end of the shaft and some silicone lubricant on the actual o-rings. other than that, it should slide right in. tighten the 3 bolts and you're done. the manual recommends a complete re-build every 100 hours of use. if you're missing RPM's or it's surging after anywhere from 15-50 hours then you need to add a shim inbetween the spring washers to increase the tension.

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