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    New PWC Tow Rig for the lake

    Well, doing two projects. First, bought a '76 Jeep CJ7 with a 304, 3 speed, 4 inch lift, 33x12.50x15's soft top. Hated the lack of power the 304 had so swapped in a 400sbc/th350/np205 and a 9 inch ford rear axle with posi. Motor is +.030, 9:1's, 5.7 rods, stock crank, pro-comp 64cc 210 alum. heads, lunati voodoo cam, .540/.525 lift, 3500 stall converter, alum rad, victor jr, 750 holley vac secondaries.

    Now the jeep has no problems pulling anything. This pic was before mod's, and it had a narrow track rear axle with 3.08 gears in the back and a wide track front with 4.11's. Now it's even steven and has 4.11's in both with posi in back, miller locker in front.

    Second is the '99 dodge diesel extended cab. Installed a 7 inch skyjacker soft ride lift and 35's on it today! I'll take pic's tomorrow. The lake will be fun this year!

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    Sounds like a cool project!

    Isn't that Victor Jr. and Voodoo cam a tad much for a tow rig?

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    Cool looking Jeep,
    just be careful those #@#% things roll over easy....

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    Quote Originally Posted by fullboogie View Post
    Sounds like a cool project!

    Isn't that Victor Jr. and Voodoo cam a tad much for a tow rig?
    No, idles great at 700rpm with 10 inches of vacuum in gear. 3500 stall is pretty loose, actually too loose, and vs carb ensures no bog. Properly tuned it now and it's a monster. Already shelled out a new 1310 u-joint and stock pinion yoke doing wheelies on dry pavement in front of the house playing around. Had custom drive lines made by U-joints Inc. for serious HP. U-joint is the weak link in that scenario now. Would of went 1350 series u-joints but didn't want to start breaking axles and third member parts as it has a 28 spline center section with stock ford axles.

    Victor jr has more tq from 2500 up when compared to dual plane and the 400 breathes more air than a 350. With 4.11's it's turning 3200 at 70mph or so. Besides, it was on the shelf collecting dust. So were the used KB hypers, block, crank and other misc parts. To give you an idea of how mild it is for me; I do have a fresh 468 BBC sitting in the shop, 10:1 forged trw's, 7/16" rods, with Brodix alum heads dyno'd 580hp, or also a dart block 360 sbc with eagle crank, carillo rods, JE pistons, AFR 227's, custom hyd roller cam, 228 duration at .050 and .630 lift and a monster 78mm turbo, TPI, and intercooler laying around too. Or there's the Gale Banks Twin Turbo and motor in the Monte SS, twin t60-1's, 355, carillo rods, trw blower pistons, afr 227 competition heads, custom solid roller 250/260 at .050 and .630 lift,C&S aerosol billet 850 blow thru carb, wastegates are at 18 psi. Too much motor for the led sled, so that tt motor is coming out anyway. Mud bog truck is tube frame '33 dodge with alky 509 cu in with dart 345 cc heads, 13:1 JE's, eagle rods, .720 lift solid roller. Datsun 260z drag car is 406sbc, dart block, afr 220 heads, .645 comp roller, eagle rods and crank, lunati 14:1 slugs, victor E, C&S 900 alcohol aerosol billet carb, pg trans, 9 inch ford and runs solid 9's in the 1320 (have vid). So, this is just a daily driver type motor combination. Should be fun at the lake when the girls wanna go for a ride! Or if I have to pull the pwc out of the lake fast!

    Quote Originally Posted by YoYamma View Post
    Cool looking Jeep,
    just be careful those #@#% things roll over easy....
    Beach cruiser, hunting rig, and to mess around with. Has stock mufflers, still pretty noisy though. Nothing to drive very fast in, just quick, 1-2 gears and done. Amazing hill climber in the sand hills around here. Blows my buddy's new 400+hp 2010 camaro in the weeds out of the hole and mustangs are nuthin for the first two gears. Guess I should tell him I was in 4wd high range. When I get old, I'll slow down and ride a slow pwc too.

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