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    2009 Yacht Club wc220 2008 Loadrite Double 2006 Loadrite Single

    Brand new 09 yacht club wc220
    black w/ chrome wheels
    never titled ready to go

    08 Loadrite Double Trailer
    has box on front
    good condition

    06 Loadrite Single
    good condition
    located in PA 19605

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    "08 Loadrite Double Trailer has box on front good condition $850" Location? pictures?

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    Still waiting for a reply.....

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    the trailer is in pa 19605 like the add states i will get pics tomorrow as ive been on vacation......i would consider your single in a trade also

    **all trailers but loadrite 08 have been sold ***

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    I want the 08 loadrite.. check the PM

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    still have the double???? i have a shorelander single that i would trade with some cash????

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    ive got a 09 shorelander single..has less than 20 miles on it..would u take 350 and my trtailer for ur 08 shorelander double

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    I bought the loadrite double from this guy already. Here's the story.

    I don't exactly own it because I'm waiting for the title to show up still. He claims he sent it to me on 3-3-10. I live 65 miles from him. It's 3-10-10 and I still have no title. I explained to him I needed it by the weekend so I could take the trailer to Ohio to pick up my other jetski.

    Not that I don't have any faith in the guy, but so far I haven't been very pleased with how the transaction has gone down.

    I never got the title in time for last weekend and had to throw a bogus plate on my trailer to tow it to Ohio. Nothing happened of course.. but you can't always count on a perfect 700 mile ride.

    If you are considering buying from this guy, he already has a history over at and got banned from there for borrowing something and not giving it back as far as I know.. there may be more to it than that. Maybe just someone with a cold shoulder over there. What do I know?

    Now, here's what really got me;

    When I went to look at the trailer and pick it up on a Sunday back in February in Reading, PA I told him I would call him when I was on my way. I get out there around 5:30-6PM that night just when the sunlight is about gone and I see about 3 people trying to run a Jeep from the street through 3 feet of snow in someones front yard.

    Turned out to be my seller!

    No, he didn't even bother going through the effort of digging the trailer out of his Mom's (I was guessing it was someone elses house) backyard when he knew a week in advance that I would be down to check it out and pick it up if everything looked ok. Didn't even bother telling me this over the phone before I drove 35 miles over there. Not that 35 miles was that bad.. I only live 120 miles away! I was just visiting someone for the weekend.

    So I get out and he tells me that this neighbor and the neighbors wife had come over from across the street with their jeep and a Ford F-250 to try to drive through the backyard (3 feet of snow) and pull the double trailer out. Let's not forget to mention that the trailer is about 300-400 feet from the road at the very edge of the backyard behind a shed.

    After about 10 tries with the Jeep, getting it stuck and winching it out with the Ford F-250. The neighbor gives up. But that's not good enough.. John asks the neighbor to then drive his F-250 through the yard in 4WD after just watching the Jeep get badly stuck because the snow was too high. The neighbor seems to have half of a brain and refuses. He lost the other half when he volunteered to help in this retarded operation.

    The neighbor offers to let us use the his snowblower, what a guy! I tell John to take him up on the offer but I can see that he's not in the mood to get his heart rate up. Eventually he caves and I end up running 2 paths through the backyard. Then the neighbor comes over and runs the other two. No, I didn't ask for the poor guys help, he asked me to let him do it.

    After that, what do you know! 4 paths wide and nothing on the ground means you can simply drive any old truck back there! Now that's some ingenuity.

    Anyways, We got the trailer out. I look at it. It looks great to me. Then I tell John I am putting a set of bunks in front of my two sit downs so I can load my standup on there if I want to. And in that case, I won't need the truck box on there.

    At this point he remembers that he doesn't have the key for the truck box anyways. Fine by me, I don't want it.

    So we rip it off. And finally the deal is done. The title gets signed by him at my request (found out it has to be notarized when he signs it the next day, which is why I had to send it back to him), and then I try to negotiate the price just slightly because there's no truckbox now. So instead of $850 I offer $800. Fair? I thought so. But no go. So we settle on $840 because I want to leave and I'm hoping I never see the guy again. Ok, done deal.

    After running around through three feet of snow for an hour and a half or so in my slip on comfy ass shoes, getting soaked, and freezing my ass off, I have a trailer without a plate and a title signed by the PO.

    I find out the next day when I go to a notary that I have to mail the title back to him so that he can take it to a notary and have his signature notarized.

    Here's some stuff to keep in mind when you are selling things:

    • Make sure it's as described.
    • Make sure it's accessible.
    • Make sure the person you are dealing with isn't going to waste your time. (I thought it was very clear that I was going to buy it and hoped you understood that. You, John, seemed like you knew that I would since you had told me you needed the money that night because you went out and bought some gun or something)
    • Make sure YOU DON'T WASTE THE OTHER PERSONS TIME (this one is important.) I'm the one who had to drive it 100 miles home at 9PM on Sunday night when I had to go to work the next day just like everyone else.
    I'm not a dick. I certainly would never try to run someone through a bunch of hoops to buy something from me. And now I know to walk away next time some asshole pulls something similar to this when I am just trying to hand them money.

    Hope everyone enjoyed my clear recollection of events. Just hoping no one else has to deal with the same thing as I did.

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    And I will make sure to update this thread if and when I get the title back from the seller.

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    Make sure before you ever send a title you copy it, also whenever you send it ship it with a tracking number and also I sometimes put a return lable in the envelope to make it easier on the seller but to know it is coming back and you can track it. Goodluck with it.

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