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    rpm's / rrfpr???

    Hi, iv'e got a 2007rxt with the following mods, x charger,42lb inj, 4inch intake, seadoo centre valve retainers, 13/18 prop, riva free flow exhaust, worx grate, reflashed ecu 8650rpm and re mapped for 42lb inj,and free mods.
    Ski has just had a engine rebuild after it dropped a valve.
    My problem is ski pulls pretty hard but i am only seeing 8160-8180 but before the engine blew was seeing 8350ish on 8450ecu What has happend??
    Also since the ecu has been remapped for 42lb inj, would i still have to run a rrfpr for an external i/c? Any feedback on the rive gen 2 intercooler??

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    I would think you would need a RRFPR if you go to external
    intercooler. I think That they are a great idea to have one
    even on slight mods. You get the best of both worlds.

    You might check for boost leaks as to why you are not seeing
    the rpms you used to. Also tripple check oil level, coolant, etc.

    You may even pull out plugs to "read" them. Sometimes on a new
    rebuild, the crap from first running in needs to be eliminated from
    the equation. IS a good idea to change oil and filter as well.

    Your prop seems a little off for your application. I would think
    you'd be pulling a 14/19 or even bigger.
    What is your (gps) speed now at 8180 ???

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    Thanks foggy, will check all levels tonight. Gps'd before rebuild at 71.8mph @8250rpm. I did notice that due to no external i/c ski would suffer from heat fade and wouldn't consistantly do the same speeds.

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