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    Question Homemade trailer conversion build

    I'm building a single place trailer for my '95 sl650. Since i picked the ski up for cheap, I was looking into building a trailer for cheaper costs. I picked up an old trailer that used to have a wood chipper on it. Its about the right size, maybe just a one or two foot extension for the tongue. However, it doesn't have any suspension whatsoever. The axle consists of angle iron with the axles welded on each end. The tires are super trail b rated to 590 lb each. It came like this from the factory, so it does look like good welds and no rust. The previous owner said that the trailer would hold 1000#, but do i trust him?

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    I have a VERY nice single trailer for sale $300 PM me for pictures and info.

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    a trailer with no suspension is going to beat the ski to death. IMHO - A good used trailer can be had for a few hundred dollars for something simple. The tires you speak of would be fine for that ski as the load is shared between the two tires and the tongue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewNJ View Post
    a trailer with no suspension is going to beat the ski to death.

    ...A good used trailer can be had for a few hundred dollars...

    The PWC hull isn't going to like being pounded by the bunks as you bounce down the road.

    BTW, come say Hello in the Polaris General Discussion Area

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