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    Yamaha 4 stroke machine shops

    Well I am searching for a machine shop that can re-sleeve a yamaha VX110. I can't use SBT as my cases were welded, this negates SBT's warranty and i dont want to buy a case to acomodate SBT.
    I am sure there are shops that do this kind of work. I can get the liners and parts but was wondering by word of mouth what is out their.
    I'm in NC but can ship it with no problems.

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    Even if SBT could do it, I would steer clear of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitman View Post
    Even if SBT could do it, I would steer clear of them.
    +gazillion on that!!

    you might want to find out where the real good import motor builders/machine shops are in your area and try them.

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    Try contacting
    This guy Chip is very reputable and does tons of big bore kits for sportbikes. Mostly Suzuki's but also is known to perform work on the R1s which is almost the same as the VX110 engine.

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