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Thread: Hull Truing

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    Hull Truing

    Is it worth the effort and money to true a hull on a 90mph gpr. The reason I ask is I am swapping my set-up from one hull to another. It is a 1460 triple that has run a best of 89.9 but consistent 88.5 mph. I just don't know ho much of the hull is really in the water at that speed.

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    In my opinion I don't think you will see a noticable speed increase unless the new hull is really messed up. Usually trueing the hull is associated with tracking better.

    I would at least check the rear of the hull (in front of the trim tabs) by block sanding to see if your hull as a "hook" in it.

    Sounds like you have a ski setup like my old big bore tripple

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    Yes, It is very similar set-up. The only difference is I am running advent ignition, and I think you ran a MSD set-up. What you mean if the hull has hook in it?

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    You'll notice it most when your ski's comming off plane... It takes a lil longer to slow down... You'll also notice the unbelievable amount of time it takes to do this rite... My 2000 hull has about 30+ hours of sanding, filling, and sharpening into it... My 06 took less than half that... Some hulls are worse than others...

    Couple of things to note...


    Sharpen the trailing edges to a 90* angle your going to need to use marinetex and build it up before you block it down...

    Theres a really good thread with info from Leo and Tommy Jordan on doing this somewhere... Start searching.

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    "hook" is a term used to describe where the trasom starts to sag. Basicly the back of the ski hangs down. Flat bottom boat guys spend lots of hours sanding to get it out of the hull. Skis have it some to.

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