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    gp1300r cat temp sensor chip

    i did my d plate today and chip upon running with chip installed warning beeps for the sensor so i phoned the place i had it off and they told me to take the chip out and put it back to normall with standard sensor in place that my year of ski does not need it ????? is this correct did i waste my money on a chip ??? its not beeping now with the sensor plugged back in???? its 2006 year

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    Sadly, yes. you wasted your money. The chip only works on power valve gpr's from 2000-2004(both 1200-1300). Fortunately, it's only a $20 part and there are always people looking to buy them in the yamaha classifieds. You should be able to sell it for around $15/shipped.

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    you got pm!

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    ok thanks very helpfull its just they should have known that at the shop????

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    so my 2003 will need one for sure?
    And searching I can save $20 by soldering in a 1K ohm resistor?

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    one more time

    2000-2004 1K ohm
    2005-2008 2K ohm (or 2.2)

    all XLT/XLL 66V 1K ohm

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