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    Question What paint to use?

    hey everyone,

    I'm thinking to paint my reverse gates and steering nozzles as the paint wore out on them due to leaving boat on water.
    Please advice what kind of paint to use on them so it doesnt peel off quickly?


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    sandblasting and powdercoating is the right way to do it. I dont think painting it will get you the results you want. Outboard engine paint will prob get the best results but you will need to do excellent prep work or it will all flake off.

    I think this topic was discussed recently..

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    This is easy to get and used on Merc outdrives. Sprays out nice with a decent shine.

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    sandblasting i will find, but powdercoating is really hard to come by in place I live, so the paint is the only way to go.
    Do you guys know what kind paint (quick silver) in the link that is? I will try to find close alternative here.

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    I would sand it down and go with the zinc chromate primer and then several coats of the merc phantom black.

    This is the best way to protect under water surfaces. The Merc/Quicksilver Phantom black may be a standard gloss enamel but I think they have a proprietary blend. It goes on better than most paints.

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    i use krylon black semi gloss, just skuff and spray.
    i touch up it every couple months or so.

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    thanks everyone!

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    I've painted alum steering nozzles with a good single stage automotive paint with good results that lasts for years. A single stage paint like PPG Omni MTK is cheap, easy to spray and very durable, but not as cheap as a rattle can as you have to have the reducer and hardener too.

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