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    fxho to fxsho instriment cluster

    Hi All

    Can anyone tell me if it is possible to do a straight swap from fxho istriment cluster to a fxsho instriment cluster so i can get the extra right hand side lcd display and would it be a straight plug and play

    Thanks in advance

    Fxho couple

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    I have seen the clocks that you mean on the fxho cruiser so i would think that it will work on a fxho no problem.

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    Has anyone attempted this? I have an 09 FX SHO and was wondering if the cluster from any 08 to 2011 FX SHO Cruiser would simply plug in and work as well.



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    Definitely not plug-n-play. The right side of the display has a compass, air/water temp and 2 extra switches. In order to make everything functional you would have to also add the switch module, the compass module, and a temp. module at the very least. Not worth the trouble IMO, and I'm still not sure that the other functions like fuel consumption would work.

    I suspect that an 08 meter assembly would work in a 2011, but they have slightly different part numbers.

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