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    installing a new used 717 motor in a 2001 Hull

    I need a little advice from someone on installing my engine. I bought a 2001 GXI (I think that is the right model) anyways it is a three seater that had a 717 motor in it. but when I bought it the original motor had been pretty much trashed from freezing up during the past winter. The owner then pulled the old motor out and saved all the old hardware which was good. What is bad is that he did not make note of where the shims went on the motor mounts. last week I bought a good used motor and have now set it down in the hull and have started loosely hooking things up. I have at least two shims with the hardware the ski came with but I have no idea where they go. How do I figure out where to place these shims?? everything else has been pretty easy to figure out. the only thing I have left to do is replace the old grey fuel lines and go through the fuel system and carb. Any advice would be appreciated here guys since this is my first motor install on a Seadoo. I assume these shims determine how the motor lines up to the pump.. is this correct??

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    Yes. They help aline the motor with the pump. You need a alinement tool to figure out where the shims need to go.

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    Talking shims

    I agree, get an alignment tool or have a shop do that for you, but most likely the shims are on the front two legs of the engine. good insurance to have a shop align it though.

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