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    2009 Rxp-X Questions.

    Hey guys i was wondering if any of you guys and any info on the 09 rxp-x, Im trying to find out if there are any big issue with the machine or anything i might have to look out for in the future.

    Seeing that my 04 rxp died iv been trying to find a new one and right now there is the Toronto Boat show happening here and i found a dealer that is willing to sell me a 2009 rxpx with a cover/saftykit/and licensing and also comes with a 5 year war for about 13,000 out the door.

    What do you guys think, and help would be awsome

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    Well, I think he's trying to sell you last year's model for top dollar. Shop around. Depending on the trailer and extras, I wouldn't pay more than about 10.5-11.5K out the door for a 2009 RXP and trailer...

    how much is he charging you for the warranty? One thing to keep in mind; in my state you can wait until almost a full year after your purchase date to get that B.E.S.T. warranty; in other words, you should definitely get the warranty eventually, but you may not have to get it now.

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    The 5 year war is free, it's the boat show special any 10 or 09 you get comes with 5 years. As for the 13k that's Canadian so I think that works out to about 11k us. No trailer tho

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    dollar is almost even so thats almost 13us your paying, guessing your in toronto. Go to the states and buy one. I paid $8600 canadian for a new 08 during the summer. with tax and trailer im into it for 11,000. I only have one year warranty but ive never had good luck with seadoo dealers... I will never let any of them touch my ski.

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    I just picked up an 09' rxp-x today in connecticut $11,100. trailer and 5 year extended warrenty and free first 10 hour service..boat show specail

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