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    ANy common issuse with the S4's? How do the compair to a lets 1998 Superjet with a ported motor and a B pipe? I dont race or frestyle I just like to hourse around behind the lake house....I am considering buying one used. The seem kind weid with no tray area side wall like where you put foot holds

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    Never ridden one, but from what I've seen them do in CC it would probably crush a 98 SJ with a ported motor and a b pipe. A friend of mine raced one in 2007 and did extremely well on it. I heard it has good topend for a standup and hooks up great in chop. Downside from what I've heard is it's hard to get a hold of parts and the parts aren't cheap.

    This is all just what I've seen on the race course and heard.

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