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    Handeling with Pump extension.

    I think this subject may hev been sort of covered before but I want to be more specific.

    How does the extension effect the handling of the ski in the corners as in CC bouys???

    I know it gives much better hookup but does it turn harder, softer more control or what any feedback from people running it on stock plate RXP.

    Thanks in advance R88

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    It improve the handling because the turning nozzle is farther out in turns you should be carful because if turns instantly when you had a sharp turn. That’s with RIVA sponsons

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    IMO it did not turn as sharp after installing the pump extension but I also had to remove the OPAS at the same time so that may have also been a contributing factor. Because of this issue I just installed Riva sponsons but can't test til spring.

    Mike D.

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    My ski did does not turn as sharp either..It does handle the chop 110% better than it ever has..But as far as cornering it doesnt turn any sharper as it did before the extention was added..I also have the Riva sponsons too..

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    I am sorry to say that Riva sponsons will make it turn worse !!!!! I use them for paper weights, stock are 100 % better for turning

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    and yes if you have been used to turn with OPAS on , you will have to re learn the turing without them as OPAS helps a lot in turning

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