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Thread: sooty plugs ??

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    sooty plugs ??

    Hi all, I'm new to this site and jet ski fishing. I just bought a 05 f12x and it was great for the first 1hr then it didnt want to start to well so when it did start I didnt stop till I got back. any way when i took the plugs out they were sooty as, so i put some nav gas in to up the octane but they'r still sootying up can anyone help.


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    you cant clean em. put new ones in (order from advance auto or napa) and see how she does. Mine are fouled but i use them as winter plugs so i can start it occasionally without concerned for fouling them. I put the good plugs in at the start of the season along with good gas (drain the old for the lawnmower). The plugs foul easily if started cold a few times in winter and not run out.

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