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    RXT 260 Prices??

    Hey guys... I know its a new ski and msrp is 14100 or something like that. I called my closest dealer looking for a 09 rxtx leftover because of the rebate/warranty promotion. He said he doesnt have any but he does have several 2010 260's in stock. He hasnt gotten back to me with a cost figure yet but says he will make me a good deal cause he would rather sell one now than stare at it in the crate all summer long. I guess due to the down season and economy. I wont pay 14100 for a ski I can wait on and probably get for 12000 at the end of the year. My 07 RXT's warranty expires in July 2010 so I wanna get something before that happens. My luck will be a blown motor in August, lol. If I cant get a 260 for a decent price now, I may just extend my best warranty for another year and shop around then. Long story short.....what is everyone paying for this new 260 and let me know what the normal prep/delivery fees are. If I can find a leftover 09 RXT-X 255 what would be a good price for that, and do the 09's have the tunnel crack problems? I will also look at the AC Boat show in February. I also looked at the Yami FZS. No offense yamaha guys (ive owned several great yami cycles) but the FZS doesnt hold a candle to the looks of any of the RXPs/RXTs. Thanks.


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    Dealer called me back and quoted $13200, shipping and prep included. Only have to add sales tax. Since the prep n shipping is normally about 700 I think its a fair price. Whats everybodys opinion?? I misunderstood him...... He will have 260s soon, doesnt have instock yet.

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    I'm looking for an RXT iS 255. Dealers mostly seem to be at 13k plus tax. The MSRP is 14.995. Found a dealer for less but then they tacked on delivery. I really wished I had shopped last year so I could see if I'm really saving anything over getting a new one.

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    man all this talk of RXT iS, RXP-X is really getting me going. I'm so close to just walking into my dealer & buying one, getting that urge

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    Ive narrowed it down to two dealers. One is about $500 more because he wont eat the shipping cost. I did get him to throw in the 10 hr service though to help offset the 500 difference. The dealer that is slightly higher is much more convenient to where I ride though, so it kind of sways me that way. Both are giving the free 5 year warranty and $250 in parts/acessories (brp's boat show promo). I feel lm getting a decent deal considering the extras plus its a brand new model. What will decide it tho is who gives best deal on trade in.


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    Hi Dave,

    If it makes you feel any better I got a "great deal" here in Europe on a new 2009 SeaDoo GTX iS 255 last June. It cost me EUR€16,355 (USD$ 23,159) including a Roller Coaster trailer. My advice would be to run with the Stealer closer to you when you're splitting hairs like that. When you run into trouble it's real nice to have support nearby. I'm sure they'd help any which way -but you might get reamed for a call-out / repair if you didn't buy day 1 from them. Remember, the best deal is not always the cheapest! Safe riding, Greg

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    I'm in the same situation. The dealer 45 minutes away is 800 more then the dealer 4 hours away. But with tax and doc fees, closer to 1,000. Is the 1,000 better spent on the extended warranty or to give the dealer the business and hope that they like me more if something goes wrong. (ie, fix a questionable item)

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