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    5 dead in OK catamaran collision

    Be careful out there guys.......5 dead when 2 jetboats collide in a
    poker run race.

    We're rained out here in S FL for the weekend. Looks like NE is
    same boat so to speak.

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    It was 2 large cats. Not jetboats. 5 dead on driver left alive right now. Looks like the Nashville Cats boat broke steering and the arneson surface drives made the vessel tun at a 90 getting cut in half around cockpit. They where well over 100mph when it happenned. I`m betting on closer to 150 mph. Very bad day on the water yesterday. GODspeed to the families and freinds.

    Gotta be careful out there people.

    get the latest on this accident at in the Sandbar form. Video is available there from centurion tunnel.

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    how sad.........

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