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    New Speed Record

    I just received reports from Nashville. Looks like GPR is still the King! Kerry Hibdon put a whippin on the competition!
    From what I heard this was more of a drag race as they had to start from the shorline and run towards a rock in less than 1/8 mile! So much for the GPR taking a mile to get to speed! The water was also choppy so the numbers most likely would have been higher These are the only numbers I have.

    Kerry 88.7mph

    JD1 85.3mph

    Abbott 80.9mph
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    gettin close JD!!!

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    Man, I wish I could go to events like that.

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    I think 90mph isn't too far away. The Riva stage III is 80 and that's not tinkering with the internals. Wonder what it would do with some heads, cam, bored out, race fuel.

    Maybe some craft right now could hit 90mph with the right prop but it would be a trade off with the bottom end sucking really bad. But they would be able to hit a new top end speed.

    Can't imagine doing 90mph that's fast and any little ripple that throws the ski off and the rider doesn't handle it, that would hurt. 80 is a little scary at times. I think i'll stick with 75mph and under that is my limit.

    " Man's got to know his limitations " Think this guy will ever run for president.

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    Cam? Last time I checked my 2 stroke didnt have a camshaft.....maybe thats why I cant break 70mph ????????

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    I believe the 80 mph stage III he was refering to was for the rxp 4 stroke.

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    **Note the scarcasm**

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    Amazing. I don't really think I would want to go faster than 82. But once I'm in that neighborhood I'm sure I'll want more.

    Way to go guys.

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