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    ID of 2 rude Charger

    Any 1 know the exact diameter of the inlet on a 2 rude charger???

    Got RnD 4" adaptor but the ID is smaller than the charger inlet so stopping an amount of air getting in. Need to get it opened up on the lathe, Forgot to measure the charger.

    Thanks R88

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    I think 69mm is the opening...The opening of the R&D is 67mm, which matches an S3. Its flush when on my S3, but there is a lip when on my Bkit.

    However, the flow work I did on the R&D adapter showed a major flow improvement alone compared to nothing at all, or even the old 4" flat adapters...

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    This is so true, the 2.2 mm is an incredible place to engineer to get the air in increased. I got mine on a laithe, and matched it all up.

    When you actually do the math for this extra CSA, the air-flow volume is considerably increased.

    It works!

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    What did you use to cut the R&D adapter? I have been running my 2Rude with a unmodded R&D adapter just never felt like messing with it. Maybe its time to try and cut it open a little. Still getting 17psi at 9K with it the way it is.

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