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    99 XP engine Install

    Does anyone have a good install guide. I got the ski with the motor already out and was wanting a good install guide so i can make sure all the hosed make it on and in the right place.

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    If you have not done one before and did not pull it out things can look pretty daunting.

    However, on that hull with that engine things will actually be pretty apparent when you have the engine in position. This is assuming, of course, that none of the hoses or cables were removed when the engine was pulled.

    It is easier to show than to write it all down though you should check out the Tech Article about 951 exhaust on as the pipe install is probably the trickiest part. Perhaps someone else has something already written. Also read over the fuel system sticky on here if you have not already done so.

    Where are you located?

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    SBTs web site has a step by step

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