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    Jet skiing in 40 Degrees

    hey guys my friend wants to break in his new ski. i live in ny and im going to be jet skiing in the longisland sound or a harbor. the temp should be around 40 degrees, what should i bring with me worst case scenario. everything from gear to medical and tools. the ski has never been ran on the water yet so im alil bit worried. i wont be to far from the boat ramp so its not that bad. i just really want to stay warm. thanks guys.


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    Dry suit if you want to be safe. Honestly.


    40 degrees in Australia is fine for shorts though...

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    We ride in 40 degree weather with wet suits and a neoprene tour coat. Your feet, hands and face take the most abuse. Sometimes I put surgical gloves under my riding gloves to keep my hands dry. Helmet and goggles help too.

    The water temperature is the killer. 60 degree water is numbing to me, anything below that if you go in the water is deadly in a few minutes if you stay in it. Hypothermia is a killer. Be careful !!

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    i shall. i dont plan on getting wet at all but sh*t happens

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    Dry suit is best (but expensive), or at least some neoprene waders. Keep a rope tied to the front of the ski in case you need to be towed-in, a phone, and have a back-up ski either in the water or on shore with a friend.

    I just broke in a ski last week and accidentally took a dip stepping back onto the dock, enough to go head-underwater. Water was about 55 and shockingly cold.

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    it was some exerience thats all i have to say had fun alil windy

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