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    Starter Magnet help!

    Took starter apart and pop off goes the magnets. opps. All painted now and cleaned-looks good- Having trouble securing magnets back so i can slide the stator in and get the magnets to contact the commutator. Any slick Ideas on how to hold the magnets back then release them once aligned?

    I was thinking of making little steels U's and pulling the magnet back and sliding the u in the 2 holes on either side of the magnet housing. looks like it would work for 2 of them. i could hold onto 1 of them, so only 1 left to figure out if this works. I'll try a hanger and see it its the correct OD for the holes.

    Zoom in on the pic of the magnet holders and u can see the wire i was trying, it gets in the way so no go there.
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    I think you mean the 4 brushes, not magnets??? I used toothpicks wedged in to hold them back and still had to manipulate them a bit with my fingers one at a time to slide it over the armature. Then slide the brush cap and armature into magnet housing as one piece.

    Rebuilt a number of BMW and Porsche starters and they all had little holes to put a paper clip in to hold the brushes back.

    BTW, I always take a strip of sandpaper and hit the copper area of the armature just to deglaze it and knock off any burn areas. Runs real smooth then!

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    I did clean it/ its in the pic there!, nice n shiny! I found a great way to hold back the brushes. yeah i said magnets . doh! lol

    Anyways when you look close to see what closes the brushes, its a coiled spring with a clip pushing on the brush. All ya have to do is push the magnet all the way into its slot, then look behind it and you'll see an opening behind the brush case and I stuck a small drill bit in there to hold the spring back and take the pressure off the brushes. Looks funny with 3 bits stuck in it. you will need small ones that just fit snugly, not loose or else the brushes will start to be pushed on. You want no pressure on them so they stay in thier holders without pressing on anything.

    Then ya just slide the last one back and slip the base down and your in! Took a little figuring out but I got it.

    Oh yeah, just rebuild it real quick, it's easy! sure it is!!!.lol

    Now I need to get it right going back together! says "lock washer". I didnt see a lock washer, it says 2 phelonic washers, theres only 1. err....

    Nice instructions. lol They must vary from year to year.slightly

    I'm not rebuilding it, just checking everything like brushes, cleaning it and painting the cases.

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    Here's what it looks like before you install it and after. the drill bits are holding the springs back.

    well i tried twice now to put it back together with no luck. its binding somewhere when together, hard to turn. i have 3 washers and the big lock washer to work with. Brushes lined up fine.

    see the bottom pic of the threded bolt leaning down like that? that stays like that when i put it togther, it wont move. it should be straight.
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