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    New SL750 Owner Question

    Hello all, new PWC owner here. I purchased a 1994 SL750 off a friend, so I know it runs really well. Despite that, I still go over everything thoroughly. Green Hulk has been a great resource!

    I am upgrading the fuel system with a kit from Zig. I followed all of the winterizing steps. I checked over all systems and cleaned everything. I only have two questions that I can't quite find an answer for.

    The first is a sticky throttle. The carbs have a set of primary butterflies just under the air filter, and a secondary set deeper within. The primary set operates freely, but the second set sticks and is difficult to rotate. I soaked everything with WD-40 and they now snap shut. Is this a permanent fix or is there a deeper cause I should be aware of? The P.O. installed a massive return spring to overcome the issue, but it made the throttle impossible to hold open!

    The second is the little round display: mine does not seem to function. Are there simple things to check like a fuse or ground?

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    The upper butterfly's are the choke. You want the throttle free from any binding. Some times the shaft bushings wear-out and cause binding. Maybe a good time to rebuild inspect the carbs.

    The MFD has a 1/4 amp fuse in the electrical box.

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    Welcome to the Hulk pinchvalve.

    Along with what he said ^^^^, I'd like to suggest lubing the throttle pivot joint, as well as the throttle cable itself.

    Inspect for any kinks or bends in the throttle cable. If someone installed a heavy spring, it sounds liike it's been like that for quite some time. LUBE EVERYTHING!!!!!! Even the srpings and shafts on the exterior of the carbs too.

    And check the fuse like Beerdart mentioned. You'll need to open the elec box to inspect it. If it is blown, you can get a spare 1/4 amp fuse from Radio Shack. Don't install a bigger fuse or you can damage the MFD.

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    i would also like to welcome you to the BEST polaris forums on the web.


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