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    Paypal Gift format for payments

    For the first time I read where someone wanted to be paid via Paypal gift format for goods he was selling.

    Keep in mind if you chose to pay this way you lose all the buyer protection. I have used it dozens of times with people I know I am not going to have a problem with but for newbies etc.. be careful.

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    Good point on the buyer protection Bill..

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    I have read that a safer approach is to ask for a PayPal invoice to be sent by the seller, then pay the invoice. The invoice should detail what is being purchased.

    If the invoice is vague on details, or doesn't list what it should, reject it and ask for a more complete invoice.

    That way, it is clear to PayPal what the transaction was about, if a dispute should arise.

    It further helps to have the item shipped using a tracking number, of course.

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    I used to ask to be paid in gift format, you didn't get charged for the transaction, now makes no different if you pay the regular way or in gift format you still get charged.

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