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    Schumacher returns to F1...IT'S OFFICIAL!!!

    Mercedes GP(formally Brawn GP) announced Dec 23rd that Michael Schumacher will be on their 2010 driver roster.

    It's gonna be an exciting year in F1.

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    should be a very interesting season. Not to happy about him going to Mercedes but what can you do. It will be very interesting to see the US team but from what it sounds like it most likely be an epic failure.

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    Lol I am probably the biggest F1 nut on this forum and I never even saw this post until now..

    I have a feeling Michael will be in the run for the title.. He has a competitive car..

    With that said I really am dissapointed in the "no refueling" issue this year, I think fuel strategy was just as important as tire strategy in factoring a race win..

    Testing starts Feb 1st with the first unveiling of the cars happening within the next week..

    USF1 is to miss the first 2 practice sessions as well as Red Bull missing 1 as well.

    Mclaren will be my team once again this year, and Jenson is who I will be rooting for as a driver.. Now that my ex-favourite driver has left for world rally car..

    This week I will book my hotel in downtown Montreal and I will be @ the race..

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    Thumbs up

    YES!! ITs good to see him back in the game!

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