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    USB to cat 5 adptor

    I there such a thing? I have a USB cell air card that I would like to plug in to cat 5 plug for my wireless router at the house. I am trying to get rid of DSL and if I could plug the cell card in I could loose the DSL service. Anyone ever herd of one and where to get one?

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    Arrow How to create a cellular data WiFi hotspot for Internet connection sharing

    Quote Originally Posted by Lvnspeed View Post
    Is there such a thing? I have a USB cell air card that I would like to plug in to ... my wireless router at the house. I am trying to get rid of DSL and if I could plug the cell card in I could loose the DSL service...
    There are devices that will do what you want. I use an older D-Link/Kyocera KR1 router myself (soon to be retired).

    It is not a USB to CAT5 or Ethernet adapter you need.

    What you need is a broadband router than can connect through the wireless cellular data link.

    Some of these routers will allow you to directly plug in your current air card. Others might require you to purchase a different air card that is compatible with their particular router.

    Some of these routers will even connect through your data enabled cell phone (USB cable between cell phone and router).

    Have a look at

    Some of these routers have both Ethernet jacks to connect to your computers, and WiFi to broadcast the signal around the house.

    Another option is to upgrade to a smart phone (such as the iPhone, HTC HD2), and utilize data tethering to feed the Internet to your computer.

    If you need to distribute the cellular Internet feed to several computers, you can enable your own 'WiFi hotspot' from the Smart phone, and share the Internet data feed wirelessly.

    Some smart phones like the iPhone can share the Internet connection (data tethering) using Bluetooth wireless. The Bluetooth radio range isn't as large as WiFi, and the laptops must have Bluetooth capability (which you can add with a USB plug in adapter).

    Yet another variation is to connect one computer to the cell modem, then enable Internet Connection Sharing in Windows. This turns that computer into an Internet feed for your home network, either wired or WiFi.

    Many of these solutions can be used in the car. When traveling, I sometimes power up the WiFi router with the cellular data card, and create a mobile WiFi hotspot. Everyone in or near the car can then share the cellular data link via the router. Works on the road (for the passengers) and in parking lots and campsites

    Be sure your cellular data plan will not bill you excessively for using the bandwidth.

    If you are using a cell phone with tethering to the router/computer, some providers consider that a different usage, and bill for it separately.

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    Hi all,
    These USB to CAT5 adapters extend the distance of a USB device to a host computer up to 150 feet so you can place your USB device exactly where you want it.

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