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    PWC leadership and Responsible Use

    PWC Leadership and Responsible Use

    When you go for your recreational rides or practice sessions are you fully equipped to the letter of the law?
    Are you carrying all your safety gear and basic needs for self rescue?

    Some of the bare minimum carried on board could be any of the following:

    Water Whistle on your lifejacket
    GPS/Hand Held Radio
    Tow Line
    Small tool kit
    Hand Held Flares
    First Aid Kit
    Waterproof Bags
    Hand Held Mirror
    Fog Horn
    Jet Pump intake clearing tools
    Multi tool
    Zip Ties
    Duct Tape
    Spare batteries-handheld flashlight
    Small thermal blanket

    Go to these links to visit additional items and photos:

    Are you one of those people who don't have anything stored on board your PWC? Would you have to rely on the kindness of another boater to assist you?

    Do you even have a tow line?

    Or the flip side: How many people have you come across as a PWC enthusiast to help and shake your head wondering how poorly they are prepared for their boating experience? That's what I thought....

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    Great post shawn. Reminds me of a time i went out on my ski alone with my car keys and phone in my ski glove box, no water proof bag, and i forgot to latch the compartment, lost my phone and keys.

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    I don't have a flashlight or a fog horn. But I think it is a good idea. Especially a Fog horn based on where I ride. On another note, it could be useful to honk at some stand up riders on the Delta.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos Thomas View Post
    I don't have a flashlight ... But I think it is a good idea...
    Make sure you get a bright LED type, well over 100 lumens.

    Waterproof, of course. Floating, with a lanyard, would be good.

    Put Lithium AA batteries in for long battery life, both storage and in-use

    I currently like the Fenix brand LED flashlights. I have several of the double AA powered model. They don't float unless you add a buoyant lanyard, but they are water sealed.

    I would avoid the CR123 powered models. They do put out more light, but the batteries are more expensive, and harder to find.

    BTW, if someone is looking for a real light canon in an LED flashlight, have a look at this.

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