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    XL760 - what to look at on a used machine?

    Hi Guys,

    I haven't owned any ski's since I sold my seadoo's (unless you count the surfjet!). I was so frustrated with my '95 XP's that I just dumped them and have been boating the past few years.

    I've been keeping my eye out for a fairly cheap, reliable family 3 seater and saw what appears to be a descent '98 XL760 for sale near me. Can you guys give me any specific things to look for on this ski? I remember hearing the 760 was a fairly reliable motor - how may hours are they normally good for? I know that's a sort of silly question because it probably depends on how it was ridden and maintained. But any estimates would be appreciated!

    Also does anyone know the compression specs for that motor.

    What normal maintenance is required on those - wear rings, any fuel filters / fuel lines that can lean it out.

    I know this ski is probably considered a dog by most of your standards, but that's OK. around 45mph is fine for us... I was rarely running over 40 with the seadoos since I was riding with the kids. I have always been impressed with Yamaha build quality and am hoping I can run this ski for a while.

    Any other comments / info are welcome!!


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    Well I went to look at it. It looked like it would clean up just fine. Loose mirrors and a dried out seat cover were about the worst parts. Ran OK on the hose and stopped smoking after a little while. I was thinking $1450 was a good deal for this '98 waverunner.

    BUT the compression... 150psi on the front cylinder, 120psi on the rear. Engine warm, throttle open, several times. I even sprayed WD40 in the cylinder - 120 was the best that rear cylinder could muster.

    150 actually sounded high, but it did it three times to the exact same mark.

    So I passed on the ski. I'd guess it just needs a top end and probably carbs rebuilt and would probably have quite a few more years left in it.

    What do you guys think it would take to make it a reliable ski - do you think it's more than just a piston and rings?


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    I did some searching on the ski.. It didn't make sense that it runs great and starts easily when one cylinder is lower than the other... check out this link, about halfway down. Notice the compression ratio for the 760 motor. Front cylinder is higher than the rear. Am I imagining things??

    Anyone have any idea why Yamaha would manufacture a ski with two different compression ratios??

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