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    Valve Retainer question

    Hi Guys,

    Need a few questions answered:

    I know this can be done with specials tools on certain Vehicles and wanted to know has anyone done it on an RXP

    Can you install the Valve Spring retainers while the Head is still on the motor?
    What is the Best Valve seat Pressure for 8500-9000 rpm
    Will Std spring be fine up to 9000rpm

    Im hoping you can put each cylinder at TDC and use a special Valve spring removal tool to install the New type Titanium valve spring retainers.

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    I don't know about RXP motors specifically but I've seen compressed air in the spark plug hole used to keep the valves closed.

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    Riva is making a special tool to do this with it is for the Stage 3 kits they are making. Don't know whether it is listed on thier site yet.

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