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    My Polaris MSX 150 doesn't work! Please Help!!

    Hi everyone,

    I have a Polaris MSX 150 and it has a problem!

    It starts fine but the engine won't rev above 2300rpm and the Check Engine light is on.

    Unfortunately there are no dealers or service centres in New Zealand, where i live, that have the right software to diagnose the problem. Apparently there were only 5 MSX 150's sold here so no one wanted to pay Polaris the money they were asking to buy the software for such a small market.

    I have done a bit of research in these forums and have downloaded the manuals (thanks). The manual has some self diagnosis rpm limits that the engine will run at depending on the problem but it doesn't list any rpm limits anywhere 2300rpm which is what this ski is limited to. Also have checked the coolant is flowing and it is, and have checked the exhaust waste gate and it moves (although a little stiff but apparently that's normal).

    I bought this jet ski second hand, it had only 30 hours on it, have run it once when it was perfect, then next time out it's knackered....

    Any help would be most appreciated.

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    well your skies gone into safe mode heres some stuff to try

    disconnect the single blue wire going to the back side of the exhaust manifold and ride it and see if it comes on. if it stays off and the manifold id cool then you need a new exhaust temp sensor.

    try new spark plugs

    im not to expirenced at skies but i tried to help

    Welcome to the hulk and is the ski giving any erratic operation bellowing blue smoke or when you hit the starter it sounds odd like instead of "bum bum bum" it sounds like bummm bum bummmm bum"

    I meant by that to check the compression

    let us know.

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Your turbocharged Weber 4-stroke engine is much more complex than the 2-stroke engines in other Polaris PWC. There are multiple sensors feeding the computer, and the computer controls everything.

    You say it ran fine once, then the next time will not rev over 2300RPM - correct? How long between these two events?

    Will it rev higher on the trailer?
    Note: Always start it in reverse when out of the water. Otherwise the engine may over-rev. Reverse mode engages an RPM limiter.

    Be very careful revving it up out of the water when not in reverse. It may want to rev very high, so be ready to shut it down or pull the reverse lever.

    Tell us what diagnostics and checks you have done.

    Cylinder compression?
    Spark at both plugs?
    Spark plugs clean and dry, wet with oil, water, or coolant?
    Does it start promptly, and idle smoothly, in and out of the water?

    Check Engine light - when exactly does it appear?
    It should blink a few times at engine start, then stop - I think this is the normal sequence.
    Is there a Check Engine message on the display?

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    Quote Originally Posted by katz1002 View Post
    ... im not to expirenced at skies but i tried to help...

    ... it sounds odd like instead of "bum bum bum" it sounds like bummm bum bummmm bum...
    I am not sure what this means, but it sounds kinda .

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    What town are you from ?

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I disconnected the blue wire to the exhaust and ran on the trailer. Unfortunately no change, still rev limited and check engine light on, so reconnected the wire.

    Then funny thing happened. Ran it again and it reved to 3450rpm which is good although check engine light still on.

    Then ran again and once again limited to 2300rpm. Also not running well at all. Stalled a couple of times.

    So problem doesn't seem consistent which is quite annoying. Might try finding some new spark plugs. Although these have only done 30 hours.

    Suparoo, I live in Hamilton. I've spoken to GP engineering (in Nelson) a couple of times but they don't have the right diagnostic software for the 150, although he has been really helpful and patient.

    So the quest continues, it's so hot today and Lake Kariparo is just down the road...... if only!

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