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    95 XP Engine Swap Options

    I own a bone stock 95 Xp that is in very good condition. What are my options for a power upgrade. How will it perform if I do a 951 swap. Is it still very easy to throw around. What kind of power and topspeed will it make?

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    Welcome to GH!

    It really depends on what you want to do. If your into speed or jumping. Jumping id get the factory pipe for the 717 and a prop. speed wise id sell it and get a 96XP. its easier to do the 951 swap. your top speed with a stock motor is gonna be around 62- 64mph. it rides a lot different than a 717 or 787 for sure. It really depends on what your mechanical ability is. If you can do all the glass work and modifications to other parts that are required...its takes a bit of cash to do this too...

    of the 5 that have been built on threads here at GH. They should give you some good direction on things that you may not have thought of yet.

    Heres some threads to get you started

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    Great info. I like the pop and feel of the x4 because I am a smaller rider. Just looking for more hp's and speed. Everyone I ride with has 1000+ cc's What kind of power can a 951 make with a built motor? What are the big mods? Stroke, port, pipe, etc?

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    Is there a video of one running in the water anywhere?

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    it really depends on how much you want to wrench. the more mods that you throw at these 2 smokes the more you are going to have to tune it everytime you ride it. For example, my last 787 that was in my 951 XP had all the wonderful go fast parts that you can buy. its was the fastest thing on the water with neck breaking throttle response and screamed down the water. BUT every time i took it out i had to adjust the carbs so i didnt blow it up.
    if you get a 96 XP hull and do a 951 swap you would need to at least throw a Coffmans Pipe on it to get some ponies out of it. your looking at about 135 hp stock.

    the only video that i know of is a very small, short, shaky clip in Mongoose2's signature...

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    Yeah I know they are very touchy when you try to squeeze every pony out of them. Def a neat project and there are a lot of 951's around... I was wondering how the x4 performs at over 70mph.

    Thanks for the info. Let me know if you get a vid of yours. I would love to see that thing in action

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