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    Sea Doo Watercraft Parts

    We have a ton of Sea Doo watercraft parts for sale!!

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    Good hard to find stuff in there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ou812 View Post
    Good hard to find stuff in there!

    Thanks, I have alot of very hard to find Sea Doo items, and alot more that I have not listed yet!!

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    Bill what do you charge to install metal SC washers if i bring the supercharger and washers to your shop? 07 rxp 215.

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    MPEM Part # 278-000-928 ?

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    wb800 conversion

    hey guys im all new to this i just bought a wb800 blaster with the twin cylinder powervalve engine and i want to fit a 215sc rotax motor in it i can handle fabricating all the engine mounts but what do i need to couple the pump shaft to the motor and also any tips on other things i may need to do to this hull to handle the engine, Hey love what you guys are doing over there in the states
    wish there was more fellas doing the same over here in australia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canuck View Post
    MPEM Part # 278-000-928 ?

    yes Im sure I have one, and thanks to anyone on here who bought some of my parts!!!

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