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    seadoo rxt-t engine compression pressure

    Today i check my engine compression pressure, after i test piston (1) is 110psi 115 psi 112psi piston (2) 120psi 125psi 123psi piston (3) 121psi 125psi 120psi , i use this pressure gauge test my friend ski , my friend ski is seadoo rxt 215 2008 , but after test 3 piston is same pressure is 128psi to 130psi, i dont know is my pressure gauge problem, o is my engine problem , is piston problem o is valve no close finsih problem??????

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    cylinder 1 149 psi
    cylinder 2 154 psi
    cylinder 3 155 psi (near the fueltank is no 3 )

    Compression test was done on a cold engine,tested 3 times to be sure of right numbers.

    74 hrs on the engine.

    Your compression on the first test is a bit low imo,how may hours on the engine?
    You may have to 10 % difference max between the 3 cilinders.

    There is a difference when tested cold or warmed up.
    Last numbers seem ok to me.

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    thank for reply, my ski now run 34 hours, but i now understand piston 1 and piston 2,3 diference 10 psi ???

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    Do a leakdown test and find out what is leaking

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    Hello, I am in the process of buying a 2008 seafood rxt x 255, they are doing a compression test on Monday and I have no cause what numbers I should be looking for. If anyone can help out that would be great. Thanks

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