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    Adjusting OPAS Fins

    Hello Geezers,

    I have a GTX Wake, blocked up the fins yesterday and noticed that with the steering central the right hand OPAS fin sticks out at about 35 degrees when the left hand fin sits flush with the edge of the hull.

    Does anyone know how to adjust the fins so they are both flush?

    Thanks for your help chaps.


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    I've never had both of mine flush at the same time...they both aim out a little. If your bars are stright and your fins aren't even....does your ski track straight when under power on the water? You can always adjust steering cables unions front and rear.

    Outside of that....never heard of them being....flushed with the hull. I'd like to know as well if it can be done.

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    Hey Lee

    Just remove them altogether and go with the OPAS block off kit, a lot of guys do this.

    I`ve certainly done this on both my own and the wife`s ski, it looks far better.

    I am assuming that the ski is out of warranty though.

    If it isn`t, best left alone until it is.


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