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    Uncharted: Drake's fortune PS3 GREATgame!

    Asking $20 plus $3 for shipping plus $1 for paypal.

    The case, instructions, etc are included. This is one of my favorites game series for the PS3. If you havent played it, its a must-play.

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    20 shipped ?

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    It just sold on ebay last night. Sorry. I think it went for 23 plus shipping.

    I highly recommend the game as well as the second one. They are two of the best games for the system- great story, graphics, etc.
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    +1 they are both great games. Im not to heavy into games and i couldnt stop playing!

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    Was that a Red Box game?

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    Why would you even post that in here? NO it wasnt.

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    Heres a link to the ebay auction where I bought it from.

    Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Playstation 3) Complete

    Comes with the case, disk, and booklet. All very good cond.


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