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    Unhappy 06 GTi Pro - New dash

    Rolled my ski the other day. It was over for approx 30 sec. When I righted it, started no probs, but I noticed the dash was showing only small parts of the LCD. Ski wouldn't rev past 3500rpm and I presume the dash has ingested water, is now stuffed and the ski has gone into limp mode cause of it.

    Can anyone point me to a good, reliable and preferably cheap shop where I can purchase a new dash? (new or good 2nd hand)

    Thanks for any input.

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    You probably won't find a cheap one from a shop..cheapest would be online via the OEM parts link.

    Or you can go to Brisbane Jetskis (Seadoo dealer) at Zillmere and they may be of assistance.

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    Contact RichieB on this forum.

    He is from sydney and has a few dashes floating around the shop.

    Worth a try.

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