no questions here, just thought i'd give a quick update(for those that care)

installed the riva finger throttle. botched tapping the hole for the new set screw. luckily roommate was around to get a tap kit and we just went with a slightly bigger screw. no biggie. Had to re-tension the throttle cable. ended up bending the bracket that holds the cable at the throttlebody to make the cable nice and tight.

prepped worx for install with girdle and shoe insert. had to trim some silicone to make room for the girdle. I ended up using the shoe insert as a template for drilling the holes in the grate.... that almost worked perfectly. the holes i drilled ended up being just a bit too far aft, so i elongated the holes by a mm or two. now im waiting for the epoxy to set on the only brass insert that was spinning, and after a quick stop to west marine for some silicone, the worx grate will be all ready for this summer.