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    Ireland /2009 GTX Limited iS 255 /General PWC Questions

    Hi folks, I am new to the PWC scene with just about 40hrs up on my new GTX Limited iS 255. I ride my ski off the south coast of Ireland where the seas can be challenging to say the least! I want to get a good GPS navigation unit to allow me travel safely between harbour towns, avoid rocks etc. I also wish to avoid tapping the SeaDoo's electrical system as my Stealer is quite sticky about warrantee repairs and warns me that I'll void warrantee if I touch it. The research I've done has led me to the Oregon 550. Has anyone any better advice /experience of this kit on a SeaDoo? Which mounting bracket fits the SeaDoo best?

    Also, I've been told by my Stealer that there's little point in modding the GTX iS 255 for performance enhancements as it's too heavy. Anyone had success in speeding this machine up?

    Cheers, Greg

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    There are several good threads and posts regarding GPS units, and mounting options.

    The Search feature can be very useful, but keep in mind that search words typically must have four or more letters.

    Also have a look at

    If the additional wiring needed to power a GPS is properly installed, it should not affect the reliability of the machine, nor the warranty.

    If the dealer does not want to install safety equipment like a GPS, then you need to find another dealer.

    best gps for ocean navigation??

    Also consider a marine VHF radio, and possibly an EPIRB.

    Top of the safety ladder is good preparation, and riding with others

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    Thanks for the info. I had tried the search but didn't find a useful thread. Will narrow the field in future.

    I have the VHF and am safety concious -just want to help myself navigate and have back-up in the event of sudden fog etc.

    The GPSMAP 640 looks NUVI-esque and is probably easy to use. It is expensive though! If anyone can offer feedback on that I'd appreciate it.



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