I found this old page of pictures on our web server and thought I share it.
It is a bit dated, 2003 Kawi STX 12F 71mph on a BAD day at the lake.

While everyone else was pushing there 2 storkers around the course, this is what I was doing during the winter of '03-'04.
Other things in life pulled me away from racing in late '04 It's a dam shame too.
We are going to give it a go again see'n how we had so much FUN last year.
Time to dust off the 'ol box of tricks and get after the testing again.

Kawi Racing USA was the first, this craft was number two to fly across the lake at O-face speeds...
Now I've got some '08(2) '09(1) Ultra's to play with...

oh and let me tell ya, it SUCKED!!!! being one of the first people to venture into this stuff. NO ONE I MEAN NO ONE from the motorcycle industrty wanted to talk about a four stroke engines that floated in a freak'n water toy. WOW what a WALL we ran into those early years...

Now look at it all... Four Stroke is OFF THE CHAIN !!!!