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    Wanted: Stator for 97 GP1200

    Anyone know where I can get one. I have found plenty for the 99 up machines, but none for the 97 machines. The gasket around the starter leaked and the stator and inside that area is very rusty.


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    send it to john @
    he can rewind it and it will be better than new 1/2 the price
    has very quick turn around

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    First off the 99 GP1200 is the same as the 97 both have the 65U power plant. The same motor was run in the 98 XL1200 and 99-04 SUV1200.

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    Thank you, all the ones I am seeing are for the power valve motors, I will check out jetskisolutions and the suv1200 stators.


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    I can second the recommendation for Jet Ski Solutions. Great work.

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