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    MSX Decals or Graphics

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the world of jetskis and have just got a MSX150.
    Does anyone know where I can gets some nice graphics for the ski.??
    Also what is a Matrix ski...??? Is it a varient on the MSX

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    We have a few other members from Oz land

    The Matrix is a special case of the MSX 140 (2-stroke engine), converted to carburetors with triple tuned exhaust pipes. 200+ HP, rather rare in the wild.

    GH member Suparoo in NZ has a Matrix, and I think there are one or two more down under.

    Your MSX 150 has a Weber 4-stroke turbo engine. You need to maintain it well, and be aware of the quirks.

    Polaris MSX 150, MSX 110

    Pay special attention to the oil level, and the turbo waste gate lubrication.

    If your engine is in good shape, you can get more power and speed out of it;
    Options for boosting power output on Weber MSX 150 engine
    Offering ECU upgrades -- MSX150 & MSX110
    Other upgrade options for the MSX 110 and MSX 150

    Aftermarket graphics can be sourced from a few companies, but all would be custom designed for your MSX hull.

    Jetskidetailing is one, Exoticsigns is another, I think.

    There is a lot of good info on this site. Take some time to read up, search, and read some more

    For graphics options, search in both the Polaris and the other brand forums here

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