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    What Mods Do You Recommend?

    Hey there im pretty new to the forums here well at least to posting threads, i have read countless threads though. new to the forums but not riding skis, i have been riding for years now and currently have a RXP-X (Love it) used to think my GP1300r was fast till i got it. but now its mid winter and im thinking about doing some mods for the summer! so what im asking is what are some first mods you guys would suggest? Best bag for the buck kind of thing. also just a little about my riding style so you know, typically like to toss the ski around and take it in tight turns, but on nice glass water days hauling @$$ in a straight line is fun. i do some wave jumping in the ocean as well (btw running the ski in salt water) so don't wanna loss any acceleration for top end mainly. tell me what kinda mods you would suggest and where to get them and that would be great. i figure intake grate and ride plate will be the first but im not sure what time and the trade offs of the different ones. thanks!

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    fizzle intake kit. prop re-pitch. grate. ride plate holes. RXP stock nozzle.

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    Agree with above. Check out the stuff in my sig and you will also finds lots of threads here

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    I would say... Wrox intake grate, some sort of 4" intake, sponsons for your tight turning.. but if you wave jump alot, I suggest riva clutch washer...

    I Noticed that when I installed a 15/22r I loss a little bit of hole shot but gained top end speed... If you installed a 15/22r; you might wanna thinking about finding a RXP 83mm nozzle, this will get you off of the rev limiter... Stock RXP-X nozzle is 87mm...

    Or screw everything i said and pick up a Les Cooke A-kit for the X and put some 48's in... and hold on tight...
    with this you would need that 15/22...

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