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    What to Check/ Getting Ready for Use

    As i'm currently getting my ski ready for Mid March to start takingit out more often im looking for things to check and go over to ensure the ski is well sorted

    So far i've:
    Replaced the Fuel Float
    Ordered new see through fuel piping to replace old grey stuff
    New Plugs have been fitted
    Flushed through water muffler
    New Battery
    Greased All niples etc
    Fitted New grips
    Repaired the front holder Tub
    Changed out ski bunks on trailer to custom roller setup
    Clean all the foot matts now like new
    Have a Working MFD

    What else can I do to prepare for the fun of using my ski, any other service items worth doing??

    Any custom parts I should look at fitting??


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    I suppose if you wanted to get down to the nitty gritty you could pull the pump and spin the prop to see how smooth it is.

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    Have you worked through the maintenance items in the service manual, both seasonal (spring + fall) and scheduled/regular?

    Remind us, have you done things like replace the oil and fuel lines, filters, new spark plugs, etc?

    Was the gasoline stabilized when it was put away?

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