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    Best way to mount Garage lights??

    The lighting in my garage is horrible, only lighting is from the garage door opener. So today I picked up 2, 4ft t8 light fixtures. Each fixture holds 2, 32w t8 bulbs. (All thanks to craigslist!) so I was thinking what is the best way to mount them to the ceiling to have the best light output.

    I have a single car garage, average size for the townhouse. I do a lot of work to the ski and the car in the garage and always just use portable lights but its getting ennoying.

    Now I drew up some options of how to mount the lights but need some oppinions from others.

    The way I made the pics (paint) is to resemble the garage with the garage door open. most of the time I work with the garage door closed but around the spring/summer time i keep the garage door open for some air.

    Now the fixtures have a depth of 3inches and from ceiling to garage door is 4 inches so thats not a problem.

    Here are the options.





    Thanks for the suggestions!

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    I would suggest putting more than 2 light fixtures up. Four, maybe even five or six.

    I like having plenty of light when working, and few shadows. My own single car garage has seven 4 foot fixtures and two 3 footers, all on three separate switches
    And the walls are all painted white.

    If you install several light switches, you can control which lamps groupings are turned on.

    In my own case, the lights over the garage door is on a separate switch, the central lamps on another, and the rear wall lights on a third switch.

    The more lights you have, the less shadows and dark areas. Especially when you are leaning over to work on something, it is nice not to be working in your own shadow.

    When working on a car with the hood up, the lights needs to be mounted where the hood will not shade the engine area. So near the end wall, or the garage door, depending on whether the car is backed in or nose in.

    When working on the ski, you want at least one light right over the ski. Having two lamps or more over the ski area with some space between reduces the shadows.
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    c is the way to go.

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    I would suggest you get at least 4 4ft lights for your shop for the reasons stated above.

    I have a tall ceiling so my lights hang off a hook and chain from the ceiling. Due to your clearance above the garage door, you want to mount the lights directly to the ceiling. Hopefully you have the right kind to do that. Just use a stud finder to locate the studs in the ceiling and screw to the ceiling.

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