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    I need some help with a 2002 RXDI

    I have a 2002 RXDI. I was out running it at 25-30 MPH and the engine quit. Took a compression test and 1 cylinder (back one) had no compression. After removing the cylinder head, there was a large hunk of aluminum out of the piston on the exhaust side. There was no signs of overheating. I suspect that that cylinder went lean or was detonating, which could result from too lean. Should I just get new injectiors? What is the flow rate for these if I would like to get them tested? Can they be cleaned and if so what is the reccommended procedure. Is this a common problem? If so what is the correction for it so it does not happen again. I am leaning toward the injector because the other cylinder and piston look fine. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Man that is tough.

    If the chunk is right in line with exhaust port the ring likely spun. Two-stroke rings are held in place because the gaps must be kept out of the ports (or you have large chunks taken out of the piston).

    That said, this is often the result of a lean cylinder. A lean piston gets hot and the little locator pin (which is steel) holds a bit more heat than the aluminum it is pressed into. The rings is pushing on it constantly and eventually pushes it into the aluminum that it has softened. The ring then spins and the rest is, well, what it is.

    You could have a clogged, or even malfunctioning injector or it could be an air leak (the rear crank seal is a possible culprit). You might want to do some topic searches to see how guys have addressed similar issues with DIs in the past (and rest assured, you are not the first).

    I wish I could offer you more info, but I stick with the carbed 947s for the most part.

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