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Thread: 2010 RXT-X

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    2010 RXT-X

    What’s the deal?

    I hear from the North East SeaDoo dealers that the new RXT-X will be in stores mid Februari...

    But other sources say mid April.

    Does anyone on here know what’s right?
    Is dealer only trying get my money?

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    It all depends on where the dealer is in the US, it does take a couple of months beginning late January/early Febuary before all dealers have receive all that they ordered. I have no idea how shipment happens where you're at.

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    I was originally told mid JAN, latest dealer update is late Feb for my X 260!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpt7779 View Post
    I was originally told mid JAN, latest dealer update is late Feb for my X 260!!
    I know you're just itchin' for it's arrival!

    Are you going to the boat show this weekend? Don't be surprise if none of the dealers have a display model......none were at Houston's boat show.

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    I called BRP and they told me that they are starting to ship 2010 models in mid Feb. But couldnt tell me if that also included the RXT-X...
    European dealers have to wait til april.
    My New York dealer tells me 2 weeks, I think he is dreaming.

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