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    Where do you get rxp's?

    I have read a countless amount of threads reguarding the gprxp and really want to build one as a project for the summer/fall.

    I wanted to ask where all you guys were gettings your doner rxps or just the motors alone? I think its better to get an entire rxp and then sell off everything you dont use, so where should i look for my doner?

    I dont think finding a gp hull is a problem just the rxp??

    btw since on topic, it doesnt matter if its a gp1300 1200 or 800 correct??


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    You can find complete running RXPs/RXTs/215 GTXs for $5000ish and even less. Finding the GPR hull is not too hard. I have seen blown GP1200Rs on ebay for $1500 or so. Any GP1200R and GP1300R will work. 2005+ GP1300R would be your best starting point-- better pump and 2" pump extension. You do not want a GP800R. Mounts are different. Good Luck!!!

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    I bought my doner rxp from a guy on here, got a pretty solid deal on it too. Then I sold the hull and most of the parts to people here.

    Don't buy just an engine, people get burned that way, all the time.

    Do you research on the RXPs, I'm sure you know about the valve and SCer problems on certain years.

    The later year RXP the better.

    You can pick up ur GPR hull for cheap if you search.

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    Deals on this site are hard to come by. People will not drop the price on an rxp/t below 4500 or so because they know that they can part it out and make that much.

    EBAY is the place to look.

    I bought an 05 RXP with 25hrs on it for 2500 bucks. It was in poor cosmetic condition because some jackass painted it to look like a clown car and then let it sit for three years and thats why it went cheap. If I were going to keep it and ride it, it would have needed some work.. but it suited my needs perfectly. That type of deal would not have happened on this site because someone would have stripped it.

    I saw a 70hr rxt on ebay sell for 3800 a month ago.
    You will not find deals like that on GH.

    Ebay and craigslist are your best bet. Look for someone who thinks its just a 5/6 year old jet ski and doesnt know the value of its parts.
    Anything below 4k is a home run.

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    Miami, you get the five finger discount there, and you can even find one without a hull ID too!

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    contact an insurance company and wait for a write off.

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